Compass Group Consultants offers an all-inclusive and affordable ALM framework with integrated policy, procedure, and process documentation for Investments, Liquidity Management, Contingency Funding, and Asset and Liability Committees. With the recent regulatory focus on interest rate risk measurement and monitoring along with detailed examiner scrutiny of funding and liquidity risk management practices, comprehensive ALM policies, processes, and documentation are must haves. 

Our ALM Framework will give your institution policies, procedures and process documentation which:

  • Demystifies interest rate risk management strategies and tactics
  • Provides the Board of Directors and Management with comprehensive policies, procedures and common-sense definitions for risk tolerances
  • Clearly demonstrates whether capital and earnings are sufficient to support an institution’s IRR profile
  • Meets the most recent regulatory advisory on interest rate risk management policy requirements
  • Provides clear processes for measuring, monitoring and controlling funding and liquidity risk
  • Defines Board governance processes including setting appropriate risk limits
  • Integrates with the institution’s systems and processes for sound liquidity and funding management
  • Focuses on internal controls recommended in the latest regulatory guidance for funding and liquidity risk management

With Compass Group Consultants comprehensive ALM Framework, your organization will be equipped make sound asset/liability management decisions and to face the recent increased regulatory focus without anxiety. Call us today to discuss a blueprint for your ALM function.