At Compass Group Consultants, we are committed to meeting all your audit needs. We’ve developed a suite of products that provide a high level of customer service while minimizing your expense and disruption. 

Additionally, our position as an independent auditing team provides you with peace of mind by delivering objective analysis with no hidden agenda. Our focus is giving you succinct, actionable information so you can make the best risk decisions for your organization and meet regulatory standards.

Internal Audit

Our team of internal auditors has years of experience evaluating bank controls at every level. From financial to operations, we’ll perform risk-based reviews of key controls for your important business functions. Audit testing is followed up with clear and concise reporting with recommendations that make sense for your unique business process.

Information Technology Audit

Compass Group Consultants provides a team of highly qualified experts with years of experience and training in IT audit, technology security testing, and trusted advisory services to help make sure your systems and technology controls are effective, secure, and satisfy regulatory guidance.

Directors Examinations

Many states require an annual independent review of key internal controls and Board of Directors oversight. Compass Group Consultants provides a well-organized executive summary and management report that tracks directly to state-by-state coverage requirements.

Loan Review

Our independent Loan Review team combines extensive lending knowledge and experience to give you an in-depth evaluation of credit risk monitoring and management as well as feedback on needed loan documentation. Our solutions for this required function use best practices and regulatory requirements to definitively assess and report on the quality of your loans and how well the portfolio is managed.  

Compass Group Consultants will help you determine if your business operations and technology deployment are resilient and reliable, as well as in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Have one of our auditing specialists get in touch with you today.