At Compass Group Consultants, we meet many Client’s needs through policy creation, evaluation, and maintenance. In fact, ensuring you have a solid policy foundation is one of our primary focuses. 

Our team of policy analysts have many years of experience with policy development and implementation for all types of financial institutions. We know that policies aren't standardized templates that work industry-wide. When you receive a policy from Compass Group Consultants, you’ll be presented with customized documentation that has been designed specifically with your organization’s needs and practices in mind. The result is seamless implementation of high-quality and regulatory compliant policy standards and guidelines that reflect your organization’s business processes. 

policyCOMPASS offers several ways for us to work together:

Policy Templates

Compass Group Consultants uses existing, examiner-tested policies and tailors them for your specific needs. From IT and information security policies to operations areas to financial management needs such as Investments or ALCO, Compass Group Consultants will make sure you have the policy documentation you need.

Policy Development

Each organization is different, and as such, policies aren’t always interchangeable. Compass Group Consultants can develop specific new policies for your organization’s particular needs.

Policy Review and Update

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll evaluate your key policies, fill in the gaps, and make sure your documentation is up-to-date and compliant with current regulatory guidance.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

We can take the policy headache off your desk entirely. Compass Group Consultants offers an ongoing policy framework enabling us to create and maintain all of your policies. We start by taking an inventory of your policy portfolio, and based on our findings, provide you with a baseline. After that, we offer ongoing maintenance and updates as needed, in accordance with management needs, changes in business practices, and updates from the regulators. 

With policyCOMPASS, you can rest easy that your policies are up-to-date, meet regulations, and most importantly work for your organization. Have one of our policy specialists get in touch with you today.