Compass Group Consultants provides you with a well-documented information security program appropriate to the size of your company. We take the complexity and scope of your operations into consideration to provide you with a customized approach to risk management.

Risk Assessment

Ensuring that your company is compliant with information security regulatory guidance is a critical component of sound risk management practices. Compass Group Consultants provides comprehensive risk assessment solutions that meet your business needs while fully satisfying federal regulatory requirements.

Identity Theft Prevention Programs

Identity theft is a burgeoning threat that has become real problem for organizations of all sizes. Compass Group Consultants can help you with policy, independent audits, and security awareness training to help prevent identity theft from affecting your company, customers, and operations.

Vendor Management

You can’t do everything yourself. At Compass Group Consultants, we know you don’t always have the time or manpower to make sure every vendor you work with complies with all of the relevant regulations. Let us help. We can provide initial evaluation and due dilidence as well as ongoing monitoring and oversight for each of your mission-critical service providers.

GLBA Compliance Reviews

Compass Group Consultants can provide an independent review of your GLBA compliance efforts.  Leverage our years of experience and broad regulatory exposure to make sure your risk management and monitoring program is ship shape.

Compliance with GLBA regulations for safeguarding non-public information isn’t a choice, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Compass Group Consultants can tailor compliance programs and assessments for your company that exceed regulatory standards and add value to your key business functions as a whole. Have one of our GLBA experts get in touch with you today.