Network security threats are constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. Defending your network against these threats requires regular maintenance and independent testing. Ensure your network is designed and operated securely by leveraging Compass Group Consultants family of netCompass products.


External network security testing looks at your network perimeter from the outside in. Our team evaluates your network from a hacker’s perspective and looks for weaknesses and gaps in your defenses. This provides assurance that your information assets and technology resources are adequately protected from Internet threats.


It’s easy to forget that sometimes the biggest threats come from within. Compass Group Consultants internal vulnerability assessments evaluate your network from the inside out, verifying proper controls are in place and vulnerabilities are remediated. This ensures your network runs efficiently, granting employees access to the network functions required for their jobs, and restricting access to more sensitive areas.


Compass Group Consultants can also evaluate your firewall configuration; establishing that it has been correctly provisioned, reviewing administrative access, and verifying inbound and outbound traffic policies. Not only will we show you areas of risk, but we also make recommendations to help you remediate current issues and implement compensating controls for future threats.

Social Engineering

Keeping your network secure is as much about the people as it is the technology. With Compass Group Consultants social engineering testing, we assess the effectiveness of your organization’s security training,  evaluate employee awareness of security threats, and analyze the safety of customer or member information. 

Compass Group Consultants line of netCompass products provide you with the information needed to help make your network more secure. Have one of our network security specialists get in touch with you today.